A Follow Up To My Youngkin Barely Breathing Rant. Youngkin Goes On The Offensive. Very, Very Impressive.

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Author Bill Hamilton: Media MedEvac. The Champion's Brain.

A while back I hammered Youngkin and the campaign in general for the way they were conducting the campaign messaging.

(my original post https://mediamedevac.com/vamcyo/)

I am very happy to report someone called Jordan off the bench.

These last few days he is landing hard, direct haymaker after haymaker or as we call it in the basketball world, McAuliffe getting posterized... 

One ad link here https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaGOP/videos/617311305909220
and one below. They're now hitting the beach hard. It's time to keep pushing inland and liberate the captured political territory. 

Bill Hamilton: Media MedEvac


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