Virginia. Demunists Are Real

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It’s been a challenge staying on top of the Virginia gubernatorial election. McAuliffe is political slime. Get out and vote for Youngkin. Too many people are saying I hate Biden, I hate Northam. Oh. I don’t vote. All politicians are corrupt. (my estimate is around 97 percent are after their first term in the house or the senate anyway)
The lessor of two evils is still an important vote. The “demunists” are real. They want your stuff. They want to run you. Worst of all they want to ruin your children. Convince them America is evil, police are all criminals, all criminals are victims, all whites are racist, freedom of speech is terrorism, military service is radicalization, criminals will obey restrictive gun laws, you are a murderer and no longer a rights protected American citizen because you choose not to get your immune system knocked up in a mass experiment and you are a racist because you think there should be order at the border.
Vote for Youngkin. It’s more than a finger in the dike. It will send a national message to the Demunists. We’ve had it and we’re coming for you next.

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