Virginia Gubernatorial Campaigns. McAuliffe. Using The Woke Smoke Screen. Youngkin Barely Breathing.

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Author Bill Hamilton: Media MedEvac. The Champion's Brain.

I am a Virginia conservative. Glenn Youngkin, as far as I can tell is a decent enough guy. Nice family. Probably the correct background to run the Virginia executive branch.
However, his image and messaging is weak and amateurish. McAuliffe will be the Dem/Soc candidate. The Youngkin campaign needs to come of age, like, immediately, if they think they stand a chance. McAuliffe needs to be (figuratively, because Lord knows only democrats can really get away with calling for violence against conservatives) hit with a right cross, right now. The Youngkin's campaign of we're good, he's bad, we're better than him, please like us, isn't going to cut it.
Evidence? His FB posts.

Here is one example:
Terry McAuliffe is clearly struggling to earn the confidence of his party or demonstrate that he has a firm grasp of the facts.
(typical vague political comment) (example?)
I agree with Justin Fairfax – Terry seems to have trouble giving a straight answer. (example?)
I agree with Lee Carter – Terry seems to be selling only more divisiveness. (example?)
I agree with Jennifer Carroll Foy – Terry likes to talk like he wasn’t already governor, but he’s a politician of the past who had his chance and he failed. (example?)
And I agree with Jennifer McClellan – under the McAuliffe-Northam regime, Virginians have lost faith in Richmond’s ability to solve problems. (OK... example?)
I will be a new kind of leader, one who brings people together around our shared values to solve problems and get things done.
(What values? What problems? Get what done exactly?)
Another career politician isn’t going to get Virginia back on the right track. That’s why I stepped away from my 30-year business career to serve the people of Virginia.
(which just sounds like a career politician's campaign statement)
I want to bring our Commonwealth together like never before so every person who calls Virginia home can achieve a brighter future. (how?)

In summary this type of vague political communication and messaging will guarantee Youngkin will get his ass handed to him in November.
Youngkin couldn't possibly sound more like a vague platitude pushing candidate. There is no meat on the bones of his message.
If he wants to generate enthusiasm "I'm better than him, I'm not a politician, therefore I'm better than him" isn't going to do the job. This is a fragile candidacy where what is needed is a street fighter. Get specific. How did McAuliffe fail? What were his lies? Skeletons? Shake the bones. For sure the dems are coming after you, even if they have to make it up.

The McAuliffe campaign is already spending millions on TV ads. Millions. They are using the left's developed racist playbook narrative to block the voter's view of all the socialist plans for Virginia going forward. In the commercials they are using only non-white actors and "supporters".
There are others...
The fact of the matter is the democrats are really just using white guilt to feed their "election-time rent a vote" (support) from black communities and the white guilt pump primed by the national media to bloat their woke left non-minority America hating base.
Youngkin will get the standard votes Republicans get in Virginia. That won't be good enough. To overcome the left's media fraud, corrupt, left-wing, social media campaign engineering, national funding and yes, voter fraud, he will have to up his game. Now.

Youngkin's competition is rounding second base. Youngkin seems to still be just stepping out of the batter's box. I know it's early and I think there is still time. Barely.

Bill Hamilton: Media MedEvac

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