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Quoting myself: "One of the greatest challenges of differing opinions is having the grace to hear from someone you don't agree with. The left now has a trained mob to DOX you, fire you, orphan you and even visit your house and attack you."
So fitting that Facebook uses it's own litmus test for the success of your reach. I get that it is easy to use them as an excuse if your web or blog content isn't very popular.
The following screen shots show an admin view of the Media MedEvac Facebook page. There are normally two or three to one visits on the web-page per "reach" number on the Facebook analytics. These are just two examples. It is very common through a host of blog and web posts.

Kap post.

Nothing like a little competition / for FB? No problem.
No "reach" for you!

A more normal benign post. 

A negative comment about Kaepernik? Reach stifled like someone wearing a MAGA hat trying to shake Joe Biden's hand.
The second comparing Facebook's competing platforms? No joy.
The third as a comparison. Fairly generic headline. Good "reach".

I should copyright the word "advocacy searchilism", my Google name for their similar behavior. This is so consistent it is almost scientific. Should be food for thought and an encouragement to multi-source "news" articles and FB posts. They own the restaurant, cook the food and tell you what to order.

Please share my book Media MedEvac. It's free and needed now more than ever.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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