The Washington Times Feeding Red Meat Named Cuomo.

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The Washington Times using not news.
Fitting the 3A's perfectly. Read the book Media MedEvac. Cuomo is one of the most hated opinion show hosts to most conservatives. A male Rachel Maddow. The picture is bait enough. Now the words Chris Cuomo attacks Trump for not aging as fast as past presidents: 'Care more, sleep less'. The emotional reactions are predictable. The hatred toward Cuomo is re-enforced. He is not only saying he is smarter than President Trump he is calling him cold hearted. Again, not really news worthy here. Something to get a few ad clicks and try to keep you and your programmed buttons as part of the WT lemming heard. Remember, your hatred equals their profit.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it. 

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