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Since forever public approval has been the life blood of political careers. Accurately measuring that approval has become big money science to the level of big pharma testing. Every election cycle hundreds of millions of dollars are paid to get the very best polling data. To properly message and manipulate a voter base it is invaluable to establish motives and tendencies of that target base in great detail.

What those details give media and political interests opens up several associated doors of power over the public that the public, well many anyway, are unaware of their nakedness standing for all the world to see in their own front door.

In light of high level editors and personalities leaving the NYT and MSNBC, just to name a couple, it is very interesting to be able to have the outside perspective regarding their bias and message controlling management. Those leaving say the management style is for division marketing and the politics of polarization. Sound familiar? 

Push polling is the use of inaccurate or even accurate polling data presented in such a way as to inculcate or embed a desired behavior in the public square.
The arrogance of MSNBC never gets un-shocking to me. They normally do a push poll from a couple times a day to once every couple of days. It should be, but isn't, insulting to the majority of their audience/readers/followers.

MSNBC knows the following:

1. Good polling data cost "them" (the left) the 2016 election.

2. Good polls for a candidate can make that candidate's base feel less important at the voting booth, thus effecting turnout in a negative way.

Hold on just a minute. MSNBC found a button built into the above. It found when push polling in 2018 a message was being self embedded by the public itself.

What message is that? Simple.

You saw what happened in 2016. Don't believe the polls. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

Eureka. The same push polling that helped cause a lack of turnout in 2016 is now the very tool used to have the public self inoculate against the same outcome in 2018. Enter 2020. It's SOP for electro-shocking the left base. Push a poll. Push their button. They do the work for you.

Here are a few comments of the left vaccinating themselves against the fate of 2016 from the Facebook post below.

Comment 1: "I don’t trust polls but I rely on getting out the vote, Go Biden Go!!
How can ppl still have any faith in the current fiasco the country is in The never ending mismanagement of the virus and now taking away lifelines and health benefits and watered down living benefits like job supports and food stamps"

Comment 2: "I can’t believe polls anymore after 2016, I’ll vote and wait for results but Biden should be way ahead if this was true."

Comment 3: "Don't believe it! Gotta get out and VOTE BLUE!!!".

Tada! I only wish the left could see itself being played. It is why I wrote this free book to pass around. The MSM is an industry of fraud, lies and half lies.
Remember the 3As. Attention, Anticipation, Action. It's how the media does it. It's in the book. 

Please share my book Media MedEvac. It's free and needed now more than ever.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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