MSNBC / Mika cherry picking specifics to focus on the programmed response they want from their audience.

MedEvac Slant Rating: Negative 3

Attention: (key words) Power Grab

Anticipation:  McConnell calls voting rights bill designed to increase turnout a Democrat 'power grab'
The left and MSNBC's main focus? McConnell says bill that would make Election Day a federal holiday is a ‘power grab’ by Democrats

Action: The politics of polarization. Have their audience condemn republicans/conservatives or react in anger if you are a conservative or republican. Your hate equals their profit and power. 

In reality there is way more to it that doesn't fit their desired messaging.
The far-reaching legislation would also prohibit the purging of voter rolls, require presidential and vice-presidential candidates to release their tax returns, compel states to adopt independent redistricting commissions and create a matching system for small-dollar donations to congressional campaigns, among other changes.

Posted knee jerk comments on FB article:

"McConnell serves his Russian masters well"

"This man is not out of touch, he just wants to suppress the vote, if everyone was actually allowed to vote he would be long gone! And he definitely knows this!"

"Really Kentucky!!! Y’all ok with this old out of touch man! He wants to be in charge by any means necessary! Smdh"