The Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor. Democrats Blame Hawaii. It Is What You Are Watching.

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The Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor.
Democrats Blame Hawaii.

Another I told you so, just doesn't quite say it. This is happening. Only it is racial violence, sanctioned by democrats, not a surprise attack by Zeros. Being non political at this point is a lot like a parent standing idly by as their ten year old child is beaten and stripped in front of them. If this chaos hasn't reached you yet, go ahead and keep quiet. It will be there soon enough.
How does this relate to my normal assessment of media bias? The climate for hate, division and violence is the result. Period. It is simple. If the media actually did their job, reporting the news straight up, the left loses its very loud megaphone.

If you are a liberal or a democrat I challenge you to watch the video below. Yes. It is Tucker Carlson. Watch it. I dare you. Watch people being dragged from their vehicles and beaten. What world can you possibly be living in to find any rational justification. You can't. 

If you are a conservative I challenge you this. Many of you are scared to share your opinion. I get why. The cancel culture, your job, your "friends" and all that. I get that. My challenge to you is that you'd better start standing up for your freedom, your country and the constitution or you are going to have it taken from you. The left isn't playing. They are all in to take power. One way or the other. Many of you do stand up. This admonition isn't for you.

How do we stand up? How do we make a difference?
It can be one conversation at a time. It can be a shared post. If you are too afraid of sharing publicly send links in messenger as many people I know do to protect themselves. Think about that. This is what the left has already done to your freedom.

Why bother?

This is an information war. People need encouragement. They are literally being socially isolated, mugged and professionally silenced for speaking their minds if they aren't parroting the left's socialist, radical mantra. It is real and serious. This is no longer a crack in the dyke. It is all hands needed at the site of a collapsing dam. So, how do you do you help with that? One shovel of dirt at a time. One bag of sand at a time. If you have a front end loader, use it. If you only have two spoons, use them.
We are a step past the tipping point. Heals need to be dug in and voices raised.


If Hideki Tojo was running for president within a few months are you going to let the left demand that you vote for him? Or else?

Please share my book Media MedEvac. It's free and needed now more than ever.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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