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Chapter 1

Attention - Anticipation - Action

You will see these words throughout this book. They are the key to setting you free. They are also the tools being used by broadcast and social media to enslave you to the bondage of their way of thinking, their view of the world or at least the one they want you to see.  Remember this bottom line.  Very important.  It needs to be the basis for the observation of all media. Your attention equals their profit. Your attention equals their financial profit or political gain. It is that fundamentally simple. It is this basic building block that will be the key to your freedom from their control.

Attention - Anticipation - Action
"Your attention equals their financial profit or political gain"

What is being done to grab your attention?
Fox News Alert! CNN Breaking News! MSNBC Breaking News! Live from the Oval Office!
You have been programmed over time to expect something important, earth shattering or at least interesting when you here these types of announcements. The information in these announcements will generally play into your emotional, political or social bent. So you hear the "dong". You open your mouth like the lab-mouse waiting for the pellet to drop for you.  On the web most news posts are bait. Many aren't even true. They just know that you will bite based on the headline and there you are on the page looking for your food pellet while they are counting the ad impressions they are getting paid to generate. Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, it really doesn't matter. If you are on their page they are getting paid.
Drudge is a perfect place to get started to sharpen your senses. Drudge just re-posts headlines. They only edit their introductory headline for the specific article. Look closely at the headlines. Are they facts? Innuendo? Rumor? True? Look at each headline then follow to the story behind the headline. In many cases the "food" you are left chewing tastes nothing like the bait of the media post.
{In many cases the "food" you are left chewing tastes nothing like the bait of the media post.}