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I am not trying to be politically correct. This book is meant to address media and political manipulation from the left and right. Currently, however, the left or main stream media (MSM) is behaving in a tabloid level, partisan attack mode. You will find that as we update our blog and post on our Facebook page most of our highlighted "news" will be from left leaning media. It seems this will be the case for the foreseeable future. Again, to clarify, we realize media and political manipulation is a left and right issue.

I am sure at some point if you are to one side or the other you will find something in this book you disagree with. The most important thing is that you see the “facts” of the examples I use to communicate my point as part of a tool to demonstrate bias, lying and manipulation. You should be able to fully understand the tools I am sharing with you to more clearly make your own decisions, drawing free and clear from the manipulation of our media sources.
My original outline for this book was full of research. I had tedious statistics on the development of the current state of our media news productions. It will make a good body of work later on.  Things have changed. There is a dire emergency in the mass media today. The free press isn’t free anymore. There is a fire burning across the American landscape in politics, traditional media and social media. It is a fire of lies and manipulation. The fire needs put out. If you agree, but see yourself pointing to one political side or the other, this book is specifically for you. If you agree and you are pointing at both sides you will hopefully find this book helpful in staying outside the very expert control practices employed by the political and media marketing powers.

By now most people know that they are being lied to and manipulated on a daily basis. I am going to define media bias and political manipulation, demonstrate it beyond doubt, show you your own bias, how it developed and give you step by step instructions how to remove yourself from and remain above the influence of mass media and political manipulation.  This book isn’t meant to be an all inclusive discussion of all news sources. I include enough news sources to discuss and communicate my points.
We should have political opinions. It is good that we have passion about what we think is right and wrong. Today's media has taken that passion from you, fed it back to you with caffeine, vilified your "enemies" and is using you.

Today's media has taken that passion from you, fed it back to you with caffeine, vilified your "enemies" and is using you.