Virginia’s Youngkin. A Ray of Hope For Him. Actual “Almost” Facts From An Earlier Interview.

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If you are following the Virginia gubernatorial campaign you are probably asking, who is Glenn Youngkin? What is he like? What are his stances, his vision for governing Virginia? Quite honestly, I was still trying to figure that out as of yesterday. I was purposely not deep digging Youngkin's campaign info or postings to see how the campaign was going to sell itself. Get me the information about him. Sell me that he was the right guy to take back our state from the Virginforniayork democrats.
disappointed. Like I call out in my blog video below, platitudes and broad brushes aren't going to get the job done.
So ok, I was right. McAuliffe won the democratic primary. No applause please. And save the "so were all the three blind mice" on this one.

So I took this morning to do a little homework on Younkin. Finally, I found this interview on Tucker from May 2021. Glenn, as I feel I can call him now, does a pretty good job of lighting up both the competition and the path forward. Still missing a few hows, still a few to many vagues, but none the less some blanks were filled in.

So the Tucker video below will give you a more serious look at "Glenn". I feel bad being so hard on him. I am an award winning coach, manager and athlete. Virginia conservatives need to be yanked up and shaken to action. The Youngkin campaign isn't there yet. Certainly not for me and I'm freakin cheering for him.

More coming up on my next post about how to splice and dice the McAuliffe socialist trojan horse machine. 

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