CNN playing the Onion

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This comes under the heading of "are you serious?"
CNN goes Onion-like with declarations of opinion as fact.
Fact: The president, nor anyone in the administration, has ever spoken a threat or taken any negative action toward any legal, law abiding immigrant. CNN is deliberately programming its' viewers/readers to see President Trump's attempt to secure the border and fix the immigration system as an attack on all immagrants.

Why? Because he is racist, as are all of his goose stepping followers...
President Trump's racist remarks.
The fight to add a citizenship question to the census.
The threat of ICE raids.

CNN is declaring his remarks (whichever ones they choose to miss-use) as racist. In reality that is a political attack opinion and conjecture, not news reporting. If you are a citizen legally you have nothing to fear either from a citizenship question on the census or being a subject of an ICE raid.

This is reckless partisan handling of their position as a supposed news source. CNN is actions are like a ship wreck being broken up by waves and the rocky shoreline. They have followed emotion, political bias and chasing the "likes" of their diminishing viewer demographic to the edge of Davy Jones' locker.  

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