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The Atlantic report on President Trump denigrating our WW1 war dead.

A lie said hard and strong stays alive even when the truth is standing in front, to the back and on both sides. "Advocacy Searchilism" is a term I made up a while back. Finding information on one of the biggest stories of last week, the President's apparent bad mouthing of KIA and wounded soldiers in WW1, was surprisingly a challenge. I finally found the quote from the Editor in Chief of the Atlantic. They are the authoring entity of the the supposedly denigrating comments by President Trump. The quote in search was where Jeffery Goldberg through some slime sentence goo finally got around to more or less saying we were wrong. We lied. 

The quote: On Sunday, Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg admitted "the White House’s account that President Trump’s trip to a cemetery of fallen World War I soldiers in France in 2018 was modified due to bad weather is probably accurate."
Yet the MSM and their DNC puppets as well as their audience are still riding this false information wave like a first class ticket to Hawaii. There is a true desperation growing daily on the left.

The MSM, the megaphone of the DNC, is in a death spiral. The number of people who don't believe anything from them at this point grows daily. Now when their chosen ones, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Harris or even Biden speaks, they are seen as one with their masters, whom have proven themselves completely unreliable.

I saw a really sad thing one day. A dog swallowing a baby rabbit. The poor thing screamed louder and louder until it was gone, swallowed. Sadly the left and the media are like that baby rabbit with one large exception. They don't know they are in the mouth of the dog. 

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  1. September 16, 2020

    […] messaging they pushed so hard to scam up opinion. Remember this quote? I posted it a few days ago. (MediaMedEvacBlog) On Sunday, Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg admitted "the White House’s account that […]

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