Opinion: Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump? You’re Damn Right.

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NYMAG: Trump's Peace Deal Doesn't Make Mideast Conflict Any Less Likely.

New York Magazine is an example of the left's complete inability to give credit where credit is due.
Trump’s ‘Peace’ Deal Doesn’t Make Mideast Conflict Any Less Likely?

It most certainly does and here is why.

Early in his administration President Trump was establishing a precedent involving our military in the Middle East. We don't want to be here. So, cut the crap so we can leave. If you don't cut the crap we're no longer screwing around. Or as Reagan called it, peace through strength. Why are all these Arab nations recognizing and normalizing relations with Israel? Because they finally can. Arab countries who were sick of constant war and looking for a peaceful path forward were given five demonstrations of backing from the Trump administration that laid the ground work for more regional security.

One: Shortly after taking office President Trump told the US Military regarding ISIS, and I'm quoting commanders I know on location in combat ops, "make them go away." Within a few months they were for the most part gone as a regional fighting force. He also in short order dropped MOAB on a heavily defended Taliban stronghold destroying a large part of their command and control environment considered off limits by the Obama administration. Again, Trump was establishing a precedent. We don't want to be here. So cut the crap so we can leave. If you don't cut the crap we're no longer screwing around.

Two: When Syria used internationally outlawed chemical weapons President Trump responded by bombing their infrastructure for launching the attacks. Heck. Even the Russians who were "warned" the mission was coming (which is standard procedure when the US and Russians have forces that might interact in third party combat arenas) just got their crap out of the way and didn't even tell the Syrians our bombing mission was on the way. Even the Russians knew that their Syrian allies had gone too far. Respect.

Three: When the Iranians took down our 100 million dollar drone the President properly responded showing great understanding of the region and not falling for politically popular (democratic) calls for military retaliation. He cancelled the attack which was already air born because of estimated potential innocent Iranian casualties. I can also assure you the Iranian political and military leaders were shown Stealth Fighter video of their drives to and from the office. Things settled down rather quickly after a day of saber rattling.

Four: Taking out Iranian terrorist General Qasem Soleimani had the opposite effect of starting a war with Iran. It was a solid message to Iran. We aren't the Obama administration. We assure you, you don't want to play this game.

Five: Though screamed at by the press and democrats for doing so President Trump removed significant forces from the Iraq / Turkey border region which was an ISIS stronghold before they were taken out seeming to leave our Kurd "allies" twisting in a very violent wind, the mercy of the Turkish military. What effect did that have? A very predictable adjustment of geographic controls if you really understood the details on the ground. Which Trump did. I had conversations with some US military leaders with tremendous regional experience about the moves. I kid you not. They said, "This is genius. Just watch." As it turned out it was. Borders normalized. Powers in the region with a little nudging acted as adults and settled things on their own.

Peace through strength, military, diplomatic and economic. Regional understanding.

Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump?
You're damn right. 

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