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The Tea Party. I still remember the day watching CNBC when Rick Santelli literally called it into being during a welcomed rant about the Obama bailout and "stimulus" policies. I was trading very large amounts of money at the time and had CNBC running at all times. Remember the $790,000,000,000.00 (that's billion) stimulus that Biden was instructed to administer for shovel ready jobs? The only ones anywhere near a shovel were the American tax payer who had dirt shoveled in their faces as Biden proceeded to use the money to line the pockets of Democratic supporters.

The left/press in all its glory struck back and struck back hard. Forget Obama using the IRS as his own personal AR15 against the Tea Party intruder. As they do, the full court "press" was on. Brand them. Give them a public image as bad as you can make it. The idiot public will buy it. They always do. The left anyway.

So these fiscal conservatives were immediately and swiftly jammed into what would become the alt-right box. A box that has become the playbook for branding anyone or anything that disagrees with left wing, socialist/communist ideology.

Racist, homophobic, woman hating, selfish, war mongering pieces of... you get the picture. And they were very successful. If you mention the name Tea Party now even in conservative circles you can see the programming, branding has had its effect. They avoid affiliation like the plague even though none of their branding is even remotely true.

Enter Trump Supporters... Don't worry. There is room in that alt-right box for you. Now you can add insurrectionist to the programming list.

MSNBC Headline: Mary Trump on why Senate Republicans continue to support fmr. Pres. Trump: "He actively champions their white supremacy ... white supremacy is not some fringe thing that only the KKK and Proud Boys embrace. This is becoming mainstream Republicanism."

One example. Non-stop messaging. I am always shocked at the number of people who keep hitting the bar for their piece of dried cheese without realizing they are standing in water getting electric shock treatment at the same time. But but but.. I need my cheese. I must have my cheese.

Read my book, Media MedEvac. You don't need the cheese. In reality, your controllers need you. Remember. Your hate and anger equals their profit and power.

Attention: Anticipation: Action: The three A's of media manipulation. They use them all day, everyday. It's in the book Media MedEvac. 

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Mary Trump on why Senate Republicans continue to support fmr. Pres. Trump: "He actively champions their white supremacy...

Posted by MSNBC on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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