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NBC News trusted? How about busted.
This one is simple and just too easy. From picture to headline to actual article this is one floundering news organization.
"The US economy gains 1.8 million jobs as recovery loses momentum."
This is a 3A mind bender (From the book, Media MedEvac.) that by any real measure takes a leap of faith, a distancing of facts and for the most part just a poor, blind, programmed brain to find that statement making any sense by logical analysis.
NBC demonstrates how the MSM can take most any positive, turn it on it's head while stating the actual facts and declaring the opposite of what the facts are actually saying.
Division marketing and the politics of polarization. A sad expectation from every news source every minute of every day.

Please share my book Media MedEvac. It's free and needed now more than ever. 

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