Fabricate, mislead, distort and lie. MSNBC pushes buttons. Unleashes hate.

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California isn't providing their end of the funding, has wasted 2.5 billion in federal funding that was earmarked for this project through the sieve of their general fund and wants the rest of the money, approximately, 1 billion more, to spend as they please.

MedEvac Slant Rating: Negative 5. Bad facts. Misrepresented. Directing their audience to conclusions in the world of make believe. Again, liberals who actually read the article and look up other sources for the facts should be angry how they are being condescendingly used. 

Attention: Trump administration moves to pull funding for California bullet train.

Anticipation: Setting up the fight. Pay attention now...
"This is California’s money, and we are going to fight for it," said Gov. Gavin Newsom"

Action: We've pushed your button. Please show your programmed outrage. Ha. It worked again.

We will show you a couple of the comments. You really should read the FB comment reactions to see how well programmed their viewer buttons have become. 

Posted Knee Jerk Comments on FB:

Well time for California to stop paying federal taxes. Then the red states will see how badly they need the blue states and maybe stop voting in people only out for themselves.

How long will Republicans continue to allow this Russian agent to sabotage our country?

His vindictiveness is so evil. Not at all what America should be.

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