Does God Hate Me For Not Being Liberal?

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The beautiful thing about a programmed audience is the ability to expand your messaging while seeming to just report the actual news. Over the years the responsibility for global cooling, sorry, I mean ozone depletion, sorry, I mean global warming, sorry I mean climate change (I think that is where we are now) has been religiously laid at the feet of businesses which, by definition live off the bounty of Republican tax cuts, which thereby makes (now) climate change the Republican's fault. 

This is seriously a beautiful thing. I mean really. Think about it. How many times have you seen a bad hurricane coming. Climate change. Trump's fault. Heck, Reagan's fault. Bad thunderstorm. Trump's fault. Conservatives hate the world. Flood. Trump. Earthquake. Trump.
Tornadoes seem to be the liberal's exception. Tornadoes seem to be all God. Why? Because God hates Trump and conservatives too. (mostly happen in red states)
So when you see bad weather, remember, it's not weather. It is either Trump, conservatives or God forbid, God himself hating on people out of revenge for not being liberal. 

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