The next time you hear Millennial, remember that it is an age group made up of individuals, not a one dimensional group made up of an entire generation.

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My Life as a Millennial

Hi. I'm a "Millennial". A Millennial is generally defined as a person over the age of twenty one, but still in their early or mid twenties. The press and social media have unfairly portrayed all Millennials in a narrow, specific light. There are truths to the stereotypical definitions they, the press and social media centers, like to use to cordon off this segment of society to use them and control them.
When you say Millennial those who follow the news will knee jerk identify one as having the following characteristics. This is also a great indicator of how thoroughly the "directors" of this PC culture have come to control the garbage out by purposely manipulating the garbage in.
This includes conservative and liberal media sources. Millennials we want you on that wall, we need you on that wall. Okay. So, weak metaphor. The better the target is squeeze identified the easier it is to cue a crowd response. Division marketing. The politics of polarization.
Millennials: The Bias Caricature
They believe that the deck is stacked against them. The generations prior to them have buried them in debt, including federal, state and student loan.
Everything is too expensive. It was much cheaper in the seventies and eighties when life was less complicated and more fair.
There are far less opportunities. Again, generations prior had it easier. They have a pervasive sense of directionless malaise. They have a generally confused anger that is easily used politically and results in drifting to the perceived comfort of guaranteed "free" government programs like free healthcare for all, free college, guaranteed minimum income. They are part of a generation that has been taught that socialism is "cool" and capitalism is selfish and evil. They demand a participation trophy from life. Breathing and moving should be enough to warrant acknowledgement from a grateful society that they exist. They are victims who determine to redress the crimes against them by throwing a cross armed fit.
Someone like AOC can occur and seem legit in their eyes...
Liberal mass media daily buttresses this view and social media from liberal bastions like Facebook and Twitter rush to the defense of their thickest demographic. Conservative media also wants their image static, predictable, usable. Here we go.
I was once told by a millennial that there was nothing going on in the sixties and seventies like there is today. Things like racism and bigotry toward lbgt or whatever the term is currently. The earth warming at an alarming, catastrophic world ending rate. Big corporations using us all as slaves with no hope of bettering our lot in life. Etc, etc, etc...
Enter the rather huge divide. The older generation looks on with a combination of shock, awe and at times disdain. Why? It truly is confusing. It always has been.
The reason Millennials are like they are is because of the way their parents raised them. Sorry. That is the way it is. Add to that the free influence of a broken, PC, socialist education system. Add to that the participation trophy fear of hurt feelings or hurting someone's feelings mentality from the church of fairness doctrine. Add to that a now constant Cat5 connection from brain to media, social media, friends, family and the world. That's a lot of information and micro-emotions to constantly juggle. Where does it lead? It's like a plane with an inexperienced pilot taking off and rolling a thirty degree banked climb into heavy clouds. They are supposed to fly. They are supposed to know how to fly. They have been told all their lives they are good pilots and loved. They have been shown barely enough how to get the plane off the ground and then they are launched into the world. There they are, flying off angle in a cloud not knowing what to do next except to look around for a reason or excuse for their predicament. Unprepared. Under appreciated. Lacking the fundamental character tools for success and being convinced if they aren't doing great like all the other profiles of their Facebook peers it is truly someone else's fault. The Man. Government. Mom and Dad. Heck, maybe the dog didn't like them. Regardless, in the real world where normally if you don't work and work hard, you don't eat, they are looking for the participation trophy paycheck and gratitude from an employer who has normally worked their butts off, sacrificed and fought through several failures, personal and professional to hand some of their profits to this? Not happening. Wow, that's unfair. I showed up didn't I?
All the while they are being fed by an unending bombardment of support negativity and excuse making from a media class that is all for power and centralized control. IE. Them. Convincing Millennials they are hopeless victims unless they fight back as a victim class. This further setting up the battle between haves - have nots, rich - poor, races, sexes, political ideology and so on. Why? Simple. Power and money. That simple. Your hate of each other, your government and even yourself generates ad revenue because you are plugged in wanting more comfort food, a feast to your hate and your source for excuse making.
There is another side of this Millennial crowd. There is still a hard working, generous, smart and common sense portion of this age group that aren't the descendants of free love hippies and sixties radicals. They have core friends just like an old movie. They work hard, have the best job they can get, pay their bills and love their families. They don't hate their employer because their employer succeeded ahead of them. They don't blame anyone. They look in the mirror, strap on their boots and tell the day to bring it. Really? Yeah. They are out there in great numbers. They are just too busy to have time to sit around and post pictures of themselves sucking their thumbs, perfecting their victim status.

The next time you hear Millennial, remember that it is an age group made up of individuals, not a one dimensional group made up of an entire generation.

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