The Left Louder. Their Numbers Shrinking.

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The visual left side of the swamp is doing something really interesting.
Normally they play the edges. They drop hints, leak secret documents/communications, spread rumors and attack through proxy. They have a few anointed radical mouthpieces in both houses to represent their extremes while they could hide in plain sight as more rational.

Enter the impeachment "inquiry".
The left (democrats and their media handlers) floated this as a test for a pre-test to test the reaction that a serious impeachment "inquiry" may bring. They were told don't impeach. It will be Bill Clinton part two. So the notion of the inquiry was floated. Not voted on. Floated out like a quirky new dress on a fashion show runway. Trying to tell the attendees this ugly rag of a cover is really the latest and greatest. A blunt force trial balloon.

The result? CNN and MSNBC are holding their extreme left audience demo faithful. Some democrats and almost all independents and conservatives have abandoned even their random check in to these outlets. The comments are either extreme left rants of support or wth? responses from anyone else.

Below are a few recent MSNBC news posts. Beyond the 3As. This is in terms of responsible news reporting what amounts to desperate, hysterical screaming.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it. 

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