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Seriously, real or not, I love her name.
Dr. Kelly Victory.
In the past four months I have talked to at least a couple hundred people about covid, the response, the future and what our behavior should be. I've talked to multiple doctors and nurses. Teachers and students. Parents and grandparents.
A theme I thought made sense from shortly after we gathered some real data in mid March about the true behavior of the virus seems to be carrying the day. That is if you can pull yourself away from the 24 hour negative MSM Trump bashing, covid monster building, riot cheering noise.
Quarantine was the answer. Except, we quarantined the healthy not those at risk. By so doing we created more unhealthy, at risk candidates for the virus and a host of other illnesses set to take advantage of our depleted immune systems caused by, you guessed it, the quarantine. What we have now is the resultant jumping around on one foot after shooting ourselves in the other.

Dr. Victory is thorough, clear, no nonsense and logical. Seventeen minutes to get some solid information to make qualified, intelligent decisions for you, your business or your family.

Video below or follow this link.  Dr. Victory Video

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