From A Year Ago. Worth A Second Look. Imagine All The People… Well, Imagine This.

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From last year. It's like in iRobots when Will Smith says, "somehow, I told you so, just doesn't quite say it."

This is something to seriously ponder.
Imagine if you will:

1: The press and their democrat puppets in congress didn't spend three years pushing the Russia collusion hoax and the equally pointless "impeachment".
2: The press and their democrat puppets in congress don't make Godzilla out of a bad virus and force a shutdown of the country. The resultant fear, bad information and programmed hysteria primed and ready at their beck and call.
3: The press and their democrat puppets in congress didn't non-stop hype racism once they saw that crisis one and two weren't stopping support for the President. 

So, now this is really the hard part. Imagine all three above never happened.

1: We had the greatest economy in the history of the world. 
2: Record low unemployment numbers for all segments of society across the board.
3: The President was pushing forward with historic prison reform.
4: Strong international policy quieted Iran and North Korea and served them notice that our commitment to our security was no joke. No lines in the sand for them to play hop scotch with. 
5: Withdrawal of forces from the middle east. 
6: The quick decimation of ISIS as a geographically effective or tactical fighting group. 

Now, imagine if you will, Biden trying to compete with that amount of success and momentum. 

The press and the democrats knew they were heading to the graveyard come November unless they acted boldly and decisively to derail the progress hitting all sectors of the country. 

Now, imagine, ponder, remember and think about what the left has done to stop your success, bring the country to its knees economically, using racial division napalm and all for what?

To win an election.

Imagine what it could be like, but now is because of them.
You know what to do. Show them the door.

Please share my book Media MedEvac. It's free and needed now more than ever. 

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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