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Holy Violence, Batman!
Quote of the day comes from John Catanzara, head of the Chicago Fraternal Order Of Police. Chicago is seeing a record rise in violent crime and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is standing down a proper police response to street crime and daily BLM/Antifa rioting. As a result John Catanzara asks President Trump for federal help. Lightfoot's response is to call Catanzara "unhinged".
Catanzara's response and quote of the day, "She is literally running the Titanic into the ice berg intentionally."
The role of the press in this back and forth is again, right out of my book, Media MedEvac. The press is obviously giving the Mayor broadcast cover, supporting her and attacking Catanzara. Why? Because he asked the devil, the President, for help.
To accentuate the arrogance of the blindness in the response by almost all democratic leaders in the affected areas and the press' biased and fact bludgeoned reporting to all the violence by rioters nationwide is one simple omission. One ignored constituency. One part of our country expected to shut up, sit on the sideline and watch without comment. Who is that? Joe and Sally US Citizen. The regular, hard working, business running, tax paying, property owning people who are being virtually ignored. On top of being ignored they are being vilified as bigoted racists when they do speak out or defend their property. The two articles below add some context to my comments today.
First is Cantanzara on The Ingraham Angle.  (This is the Fox News link)
Second is the Facebook post below this blog post.

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