She Is Perfect. She Is Anti-gun. She Is Socialist. She Is She. The Left’s Newest Heroine

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Who is, you ask? Jacinda Ardem, Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is the international version of Obama when he was a community organizer. How is that, you ask?
She is being given credit by the left for achievements far above the reality of those achievements. The last of which is "ridding her country of coronavirus" by travel restrictions, rigorous lock downs, quarantines and determined social distancing. All possible because, quite honestly, very sincerely, well, golly, she is just plain wonderful.
The truth is she governs a very isolated island when you lock down all travel to and from. The New Zealand population 4.89 million. (2018 census). Smaller than 26 US states.
However, she hates gun ownership, she loves socialism, she is far enough away no one will know anything about her beyond what we tell you you should know. She is perfect.

It is a lot like the press image work on George Floyd. Gentle giant. Great family man. Helpful in the community. Great father. Clean, upstanding citizen. None of which was true. Quite the opposite actually. 

So, as long as they need you, the liberal press will do your custom PR. Maybe they will need you someday and you can be perfect also...

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