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Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are in fact leading the way. They have gotten out ahead of the Communist Chinese. The social media giants have put on a message control governor that is bringing a smile of approval from Wuhan to Beijing.

They finally "get" us.
Ask Jimmy Lai and Hong Kong. (article below)

The Facebook-YouTube-Twitter Party Line.

Disagree with the WHO on corona virus observations? Censored.

Disagree with stated DNC political facts? Censored.

Have a different than left opinion of Antifa and BLM? Censored.

Hold conservative political thoughts regarding the Constitution and history? Censored.

Take the opposite position on any of the above topics they are censoring and your voice is promoted.

The Communist Chinese applaud you Facebook. A standing O for you YouTube. A huge high five to you Twitter. 

Stifling a difference of opinion is far more dangerous than allowing the free flow of information. Trusting people themselves to decide on the facts vs manipulated headlines is one of the responsibilities of a people blessed with freedom of speech.
By the same "fact check" standards assigned to conservatives? The entire mainstream media would be barred from all three platforms. 

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Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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