The “Duh” Days Of Summer. Calling Out The Press In Comments. It’s Becoming A Thing.

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Breaking News:
It is an interesting emerging phenomena in social media. People are getting a clue. They are waking up. Some have always known. Now many are taking on the left wing social media mob. Why? Looting and burning the businesses and homes of innocent by-standers. Beating and killing people who are front and center having their rights ignored by the rioting hordes. MSM? Cheerleaders of the mob. Making the blind see.
I think a light has come on. Enough. Watch the post comments on most of the MSM social media pages. There are more and more people calling BS following the guidelines of Media MedEvac's 3A manipulation warning. It's a beautiful thing to see. Will news ever be news again? Not likely anytime soon. The battle front is information. The mean is manipulated information. Keep calling them out.
Below is once again one (of many) simple demo, soup to nuts. MSNBC from picture to headline to judge and jury. 

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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