The Must Watch Of Must Watch. These Two Interviews. Tired Of Asking WTH Is Going On With Covid? Here You Go.

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This is the most important post of information I have ever put to type. 
You wanted to know what is going on with the "pandemic" soup to nuts? Watch these interviews.

How many hours have you spent looking for facts about covid, politics, medical details, studies, vaccines, you name it, these two interviews fill in the blanks. 

Six hours of interviews. Three hours each. You wanted answers?
You've searched high and low. How many hours of frustration, confusion, doubt and distrust? That makes six hours a good investment.
I won't normally guarantee that my foot will make it to the ground during my next step, but I guarantee this. Your response will be OMG!!!! These two doctors have what Bannon calls the receipts. The details. Rogan is thoughtful and intelligent asking the right questions and challenging the answers, pressing for proof of statements. 

Dr Malone

Dr McCullough


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