Covington Students

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CNN knowing the facts, hiding the facts and fostering a made up narrative.

MedEvac Slant Rating: Negative 4 for the negative CNN coverage of the young men from Kentucky.



MedEvac Slant Rating: Positive 3 for the positive coverage of the Native American and then consent by omission of the radical black group from New York.




Attention: The MAGA picture from the "face-off".

Anticipation: From the FB Headline / Teen in confrontation with Native American elder says he was trying to defuse the situation

Action: We hate Trump. Trump is racist. MAGA hat is Trump, is therefore racist.
Boys are racist. Boys guilty. Harrison innocent. Abusive blacks from NY? Invisible. (to CNN)

Like I point out in my book Media MedEvac, you can see the quick to judgement reaction of many primed readers and viewers of MSM news productions. These are simple coercive, manipulative actions taken by CNN, MSNBC and the remaining liberal hosted broadcast entities.

Posted knee jerk comments on FB article about the Covington students.

  • Why is that school using "kids" to go promote hate and pro life agenda for the church......if they can voice an opinion DIRECTED by the school they can face up to criticism, they're no longer kids if they're used as an adult for adult problem. Hypocrites
  • Hey Nick, don't forget that red hat on your smirky face. And that you were there to protest against women's rights, and sent by a religious school, and blocked a path of a Vietnam vet. But if you just think we are just judging you and your friends for facial expressions, your PR firm is missing the point.
  • I know that smirk and the attitude behind it. Have seen it on the privileged with power so many times in my life. Nothing remotely innocent in it. Not to mention that damning red hat.
    Question. What do we do as responsible citizens? How should we react? Criticize? Yell? Discuss? Ignore?

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