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Which foot should this other shoe be dropped on. This one comparison demonstrates the purity of the blindness of "regional" thought by the left and their media controllers.

Reference an earlier blog post of mine from 8 June 2020. <LINK>

She is perfect. She is anti-gun. She is Socialist. She is She. The left's newest heroine. Jacinda Ardem, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

She had successfully taken all "assault" style guns off the streets. Now she had single-handedly vanquished the horrid corrona virus from her island nation. The why or how didn't matter. Jacinda thinks the right thoughts, says the right words and to be sure they are all from the left so she is an approved statue of perfection.

Enter the grand proverbial oops.

The virus is back. It is not her fault of course. She blames others. As a result? New Zealand will back up its election until it is safe.

Wwwww, what??

Okay. I get it. It might actually be a good thing for this tiny island nation to make sure the virus doesn't come to get them all.
One simple and very large hypocrisy. Let President Trump mention any concern about the upcoming US election? Whatever it is, it is most certainly the edicts of a dictator. You know how they portray our President. Look at the post below how they portray their "approved" leader. Look at the comments on the FB post. Their trained audience should be a cause for intellectual sadness.

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Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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