CNN Hate Generated Behavior. Knee Jerk Keyboard Lemmings.

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The key to great division marketing is establishing your enemy, streamlining their reputation according to the message you want to send, repeat, repeat, repeat. You’ve built the button. Now push it. CNN at their best, which is really pretty pathetic. 

MedEvac Slant Rating: Negative 3. The “of course she is horrible” history of CNN reporting. She works with the President. Being a female and not a Democrat she is “deluded” and betraying her gender. 

Attention: It’s Kellyanne. We have established you hate her. Here she is. We will feed your hate.

Anticipation: Assault claims denied by the woman Kellyanne accuses.

Action: They want you to hate, comment per your hate.

This is an example of the comments where someone is assuming Kellyanne is lying. Has a pre-disposed judgement of her character and now the facts. The person commenting used to work for the State Department. From the smugness of the comment appears to squared away with the fact that he has the moral high ground. The lemming crowd then follows his lead with atta-boys and laughter.

“According to the Police reports her attackers were a Lion, a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, a Dog and a Little Girl with Ruby Slippers! Apparently the Restaurant did offer her a towel to dry off after the group threw a bucket of water on her hoping that she would actually melt.”

The very definition of the keyboard warrior. Judge, malign. Nobody bothers me…
(Old Jhoon Rhee commercial reference)



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