CNN post State of the Union counter punching with the rest of the MSM

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CNN launches a combination counter-punch using their tried and true "opinion as fact" assault.

MedEvac Slant Rating: Negative 4. The picture, the headline and the use of opinion as fact. If you watch or read with the three A's in mind it should let you see you are recognizing their manipulation. 

Attention: The picture. The Headline / "Trumps call for compromise is only on his own terms".

Anticipation: The state of Donald Trump is unrepentant and defiant. Stated as fact. Clearly opinion. Feeding their liberal base and hoping to generate anger from conservatives. Division marketing excellence. Your hate and anger equals their profit. Clicks. Feed the bean counter.

Action: Designed to see you agree hard or disagree hard. Middle ground is not the goal.

Posted Knee Jerk Comments on FB:

Ann Coulter hates him, Nancy owns him , his wife wont talk to him , Muller is getting closer to him , his own party are turning against him , I think your number is up old boy.

Did anyone really expect CNN or it's pundits to say anything positive about our Presidents SOTU?

What post SOTU media manipulation have you seen? Please share it with us below.

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