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Welcome to a world where facts are play things. Emotions are targets. Anger is valued. Deception is normal to the psychological chess match for control of the national messaging forums.

What am I talking about here? Above are the bulk of the major US news sources. Thank goodness we have a bunch of fact checking organizations looking out for us.

The only problem is the fact checkers are part of the fact checkee family. Most of them are pretty much echoing the MSM World Wrestling Federation motif of identity division for marketing purposes.

One example is Media Bias Fact Check (.com)
Wow Bill, you might be saying. That sounds like something right up your alley. You would think. Not so fast. 

Like the news sources they are reviewing they give you enough accurate information for some sort of legitimacy, but then crash the facts to the ground with a pretty clear liberal bias. You will note that ABC, CBS and NBC News gets a high grade on factual accuracy. Fox not so much. OAN at trash dumpster levels.

Fact checking is simply a new version of push-polling. How can you question us? We are presenting real poll numbers from real people. IE, we are fact checkers, duh. Of course we are above reproach.

Look for yourself. Make up your own mind. Like I said, you will find a lot of truth at this site with a hard close on the real messaging. Liberal good. Conservative bad.

Here is the link to Media Bias Fact Check. You can search by network.

Example below CBS

Example below Fox News

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