Another Drooling Failure

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Fighting in any form is actually an easy decision if the enemy is truly evil and/or is truly an immanent threat. Word on the ground in Ukraine is Russian soldiers are obeying orders, but their hearts are not in the fight. They feel like they are killing themselves. Even now cooler heads can prevail.
On the down side we have a drooling weak puppet at the helm with a foreign policy ruled by a left wing committee of weakness.
NATO Article 5 is the granddaddy DOMINOE. Several NATO countries are providing arms to Ukraine including the US military. If Russia retaliates directly or attacks those assets inside Ukraine then NATO, by treaty, is obligated to respond. The trip wire that topples the first DOMINOE.
One soldier told me he hopes to God Putin doesn’t take the bait. Which begs the question, how did we get here so fast? If that first DOMINOE falls, we are in a direct shooting war with Russia. Maybe the Drool King will provide some leadership. Not likely. All he has done so far is telegraph every empty threat. We are still getting oil and liquid natural gas shipments from?? Russia. Better yet, maybe Harris will cackle a peace deal with another “listen up guys” through her double mask.

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