Afghanistan Chaos

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My summary on what is going on in Afghanistan.
One of my jobs while I was going to night school getting my college degree was as a carpenter. I had been a lead carpenter with seven on my crew when the construction industry shut down under Carter with double digit mortgage rates. I was now just a carpenter with one other carpenter who was in charge. It was a custom home. The only work I could find.
The builder started with high hopes and the "lead" carpenter was given the plans and told to have at it. In very short order I could tell this "lead" carpenter didn't know what he was doing. He was not only half hearted effort wise, but careless in execution, planning and quality control. In short order we were both replaced as I lost my pleas to point out what this character was doing wrong. Without evidence to the contrary the builder held us both guilty.
Planning, leading, organizing and controlling are the key components to management and leading others. (PLOC) At minimum I have used that guideline in business and family decision making and execution. It has served me well. I have mostly succeeded. I have won awards, coached champions and fallen flat a few times. So what I am about to say is from a 40 plus year history of winding up in leadership positions. Of succeeding and coming up short. I know what they both look like and feel like.
The key point I am about to make is not all failure is a result of poor leadership or poor planning or lack of proper effort. Sometimes the unforeseen does in fact submarine the success of an endeavor. I have seen very competent people fail at something. It doesn't make them a failure.
There is another kind of failure. It is the kind our national leadership, the Biden admin, is demonstrating. It is not only a failure to uphold the Constitution, but a complete failure to protect American lives and liberty.
We are in the no more Mr. Nice-Guy stage of keeping an eye on what is going on. Biden is incompetent. Period. He is in fact dangerously incompetent. The open border for one. If you don't know the details of the destruction that is causing go vaca in Southern Texas. Period. I'm not arguing. I'm telling.
The situation in Afghanistan is really shining a bright light into the hoarders closet of disjointed reasoning and entangled, jumbled decision making of the left, the democrats and specifically Biden himself. Though I am sure he isn't calling all the shots he appears to put his foot down on occasion with wrong dates, names and pertinent details. A jump off the back of a truck into a healthy cow-pie.
A short summary of how he bungled this pullback from Afghanistan.
Early in the Trump administration President Trump sent a message loud and clear throughout the Middle East. We don't want to be here. We want to leave. We have strategic alliances and economic interests here we will protect if need be. Don't make us need be and we will leave. Then he backed it up with zero doubt use of force. MOAB. ISIS gone as an occupying force. Taking out Solomani. We are no joke going to end you if you mess with us.
I have spent many hours in the past few days gathering information on what really went on and is going on in Afghanistan. For security reasons I am not going to tell you my sources which are many and tip of the spear. If you don' t believe me I feel sorry for you. This is eye witness stuff.
Trump negotiated with the Taliban. It was way past time to leave. Though the Taliban are completely corrupt they were also a capable though diminished fighting force that would obviously fill the power vacuum when he removed US forces from the region. That being said, the "negotiations" followed the let us roll up and leave peacefully because we are done wanting to be here line. Don't make us stay. Chill while we evacuate our intel personnel, civilians, Afghans who aided us and finally US military personnel. The caveat to the "negotiation" was do this or we will kick your ass. Immediately. No discussion. These are the terms. With some wiggling and a few acts of defiance the plan was in motion. Troops were brought home. The Taliban for the most part treaded water waiting. There had been zero US KIA in country since February 8, 2020. Zero.
It was simple. Trump served notice with MOAB and new rules of engagement. US forces, unlike under Obama, were allowed to fight to win. Word was the Taliban were terrified of Trump. They thought he was crazy. He was crazy all right. The best thing your enemy can think of you. Violent, unafraid and unpredictable.
Cool. All except, Biden was now in the White House.
Biden, as the left did out of spite with most things Trump, threw out the baby with the bath water. The baby as it turns out were the teeth in the terms of our withdrawal and the systematic plan in place with the Taliban waiting their turn. It's sadly that simple. Biden pulled the plug on the planned exit then pulled the plug altogether. Chaos. Dangerous and now very deadly chaos. The Taliban held Biden and the left in contempt.
The lead carpenter was given perfectly architecturally sound plans for building the house. He threw out the plans and decided to put walls in a delusional configuration that would somehow make him look like the master builder. The savior. I'm ending this horrible twenty year war. My legacy. I'm so proud of me.
And who ultimately pays the price for poor American leadership. The American soldier.
So in summary if you are a democrat save me your bs. I don't want to hear it. Your PC, woke, racist, anti-justice, anti-US positions are laying at your feet with the blood of our soldiers, police officers and small business people filling every footprint you make in the dirt.
I'm not sure where we go from here except to as constitutional defending Americans we keep standing our ground and speaking the truth loud and clear.
Semper Fi. Fair Winds and Following Seas. Tears, salutes and prayers for loved ones.
Strength would have prevented this.

Arifjan 2003

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