ABC Going Full 3As. Dramatic Headline Bait. Zero Story.

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One time as a teenager I played a trick on my Mom and two of my four sisters. I pretended to get my fingers caught in the panels of the garage door as it was closing. I was crying and appealing for their help complete with fake vampire blood and I must admit, Oscar quality vocals...
Needless to say, once my little farce was discovered their good natured care and concern for my "injury" turned to something else.

As fait would have it, about two weeks later, guess what? I got my fingers caught in the closing garage door for real. This time however, there was no need for fake Vampire blood. It was a for real mess. My Mother's and sisters' response? No way. Not this time Bub.

The press tries to prove day after day that you, the public, are way dumber than my Mom and sisters.

OMG!!! Look at this headline!!! They must be Trump's psycho followers!!

Actually, go ahead. Look at the headline. 

The one of many "brave" commenters points out the not obvious.

Trial by press. Truth by headline. Call it what you will. It is bait that communicates an impression. That impression is in fact a complete fabricated lie. A lie that uses the truth as its communication vehicle.

Attention: Anticipation: Action: The three A's of media manipulation. They use them all day, everyday. It's in the book Media MedEvac. 

Media MedEvac.
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We are the home of Smarter.
Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

Two people were arrested on weapons charges near the White House over the weekend, according to a spokesperson for the United States Secret Service.

Posted by ABC News on Monday, February 15, 2021

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