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Welcome to Media MedEvac.

You are about to be set free from media and political manipulation.

We are the home of smarter. Recognize their music.
Don't dance to it.
Our only hope is learning to think for ourselves.

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Welcome to Media MedEvac. 
Shining the Light on Division Marketing and the Politics of Polarization.


This book could be titled "Your Personal Programming Declassified" or “Media MedEvac”.  We chose the latter because at the end of the day we are hoping through this writing and our almost daily reviews of slanted reporting enough people will un-chain themselves or be "rescued" from their media controllers. Regardless of the name, when you are finished with this book you will have a clearer perspective on the way you are directly affected by media and political manipulation. As a result I am also hoping that with enlightened viewers at some point the existing media power-houses will get back to reporting news, not making it up or manipulating it for their personal financial or political gain. As a further result it is our hope that our tools will also help people recognize the veil of deceit in many politicians when it is present and how to see behind that veil.  We can hope.

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