MSNBC Happy to Simplify the Facts Just For You


MSNBC Distorting information is one of many tricks in division marketing. The 3A's? All present. They are quoting one of the directors of the ACLU who is supposed to be "quoting" a government source. 

MedEvac Slant Rating: Negative 3 / Third party hearsay as a presentation of facts and summarized to guilty as charged.

Attention: These are children who were ripped from their parent's arms...

Anticipation: Trump admin at a loss on reuniting kids they took from parents.

Action: Liberal audience will react with righteous indignation. Button building solid effect. Proof of further republican hatred of minorities and support of racism.

Posted Knee Jerk Comments on FB:
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This President of the United States has sure demonstrated how his policies destroy lives and families! Do the right thing and give these children back to their families. Imagine never being reunited with your child?

Trump and Sessions need brought up on charges against humanity with the whole world watching. UN needs to become involved.

I honestly believe this psychopath gets a thrill by inflicting pain in others...

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