NBC Celebrates Veterans Day / With a Slap at The Military


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NBC wants you to know. If you kneel you're cool. If you fight for your country you are part of the "war machine".

Even on Veterans Day. When the media created enemy is us. NBC headline. "NFL's annual Veterans Day celebrations reveal a staggering level of hypocrisy. The league has decided to make America’s war machine part of its business model while simultaneously stating it does not want “politics” to be part of the entertainment of football."
War machine is the key. Veterans by a good percentage vote conservative. Conservatives are very supportive of "our" military and their efforts to protect our freedom. "War machine" is a pre-programmed pejorative from the sixties. And you know, since conservatives love war and support veterans, then logically veterans are evil. The press knows what it is doing. It's how they program or at the very least attempt to program you.

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Recognize their music. Don't dance to it. 

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