The Liberal Press – Wear The Mask! Don’t Look Behind The One We Are Wearing.

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What Florida did right. What New York and New Jersey did wrong.
43% Of COVID-19 Deaths Are In Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities /// Housing 0.6% Of U.S. /// LINK
Last year when my mother was dying she was very weak. As we rotated care among the siblings if anyone had as much as a sniffle you stayed away. We didn't wheel her out into the public and demand that everyone wear a mask to protect her. We sure as hell didn't wheel in sick people to have a sleep over.
From October 2019 through February 2020 there were 50 million..cases of "traditional" influenza with an estimated 42,000 deaths. As in real deaths. Not just we found covid on a dead person so we claim it because we get paid. Where were your demands for quarantine and masks last fall? I'll tell you where. The press and democrats thought the impeachment would take down the president. In the bag. Wasn't working and the economy (stupid) was a roaring success. Enter corona after some bad polling numbers. Magnify, rinse and repeat. Voila. You have real live Godzilla arising from the fallow ground of programmed hysteria and the vehicle of a very real, very serious influenza like virus spread. Once facts began to emerge after the initial fear of the unknowns the press and the left kept the pedal to the metal.
Now, right now, quarantine of the healthy is 100% the opposite of the right thing to do. Unfortunately if you are weak or at risk you need to adjust your life style for a season. Sorry. Just like I didn't wheel my mother out to Lowe's and demand you adjust for it. You, the at risk people, are actually dependent on the "healthy" getting the virus. It is how herd immunity works. The more the virus spreads the weaker it gets. Warm weather and sunlight also weaken the virus, its ability to spread and its potency in terms of symptomatic severity. Like many, many now silenced (by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) doctors keep saying, the healthy want to get the weak version of the virus. It is how you immunize the whole "community". It is how a virus burns itself out.

The governor of Virginia arrogantly declaring "MASKS WILL BE WORN EVERYWHERE!" (except for himself at the beach with press, friends and supporters) and keeping the state zipped up as the weather is getting warmer is 100% the wrong thing to do. It will continue to damage normal immune system operation.

It will only continue to delay the ability of herd immunity to have its healing effect.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it.

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