Joe. Kammy. Dear God. C’mon. This Is Serious Stuff!

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When the strength you need or want to see in others lets you down you are forced to find it in yourself. That is life. In many cases that becomes such a habit that a great independence of spirit, character or personality develops. You become stronger individually. When these stronger individuals come together on a particular cause with a significantly singular focus you now have a formidable power.
This used to define the United States. It's why we did the heavy lifting to help win two world wars. It is actually in part why our civil war was the most bloody war in our history. You can call it hard headedness. I call it a fierce belief in freedom.
The left in Americas today, including the entire democratic party and a good percentage of republicans, have views and push policies that run 180 counter to your freedom and independence. Government is used as the solution to most, if not all, of your problems/challenges.
Whether it be food, clothing, shelter or health care, we are here to save you and provide for you, they like to say. Why? So you will vote for them. It is a sincere form of bribery using other peoples money. Since these are political representatives they act as though they have your permission to spend said money on these challenges because you voted for them and I can't figure this out for the life of me, keep on voting for them. You then get the bloated, nanny, budget busting, vote for me, adult daycare, federal fatty you deserve.
One of the last things most politicians want is a truly free and independent populous. Then you don't need them. Or so they think.
When you are raising children too many parents coddle them, praise them nonstop, give them what amounts to parental participation trophies non-stop 24-7. To what end? The child expects to always succeed and always have their needs met. By someone else. A good parent fosters independence in their child. You let them walk into uncontrolled situations that you know may be over their heads. In effect you leave them to their own devices to succeed or fail. Failure is a hard teacher, but is thorough and efficient most of the time.

No truer words. Good judgement comes from experience. And experience? Well, that comes from poor judgment.

This was a longish preamble to my point of the day. We have an entire administration of what amount to pampered teens. Every single event has a government (parental) solution. Every single effort gets lauded by themselves, their lapdog press allies and most importantly their content scrubbing, message distributing and opposition quelling social media controllers.
So when your leaders aren't required by anything like external pressures to show competence or even speak in coherent sentences you get Biden and Harris. Biden who has never had a real job has enjoyed a career of riding the sunshine blown up his skirt by others. Harris? You know. The desk thing.
Between Biden's obvious mental short circuiting and Harris' "I mean listen guys" while addressing Putin it was my considered opinion that the Russian command staff was almost taken out by hurting themselves falling off of their chairs laughing at us.

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