CNN and MSNBC Not Guilty – of Reporting Like a Real News Source

The Hunted Witch

You're going to like this one. This perspective is from an informed friend. Not classified, but using his outside the box skill set.
There are three main issues at play here.

One: The democrats have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. No Russia collusion by the Trump campaign? Definite use of spying by the democrats on the Trump campaign uncovered. Trump asking Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 campaign? Definite manipulation of Ukraine by then VP Biden on behalf of his son. So, first and foremost in the swamp manual for political behavior, as quickly and closely as you can go on the offensive. Make accusations that are basically what in fact you, yourself, have done against the one you have done it to specifically.

Two: The President is polling better than Obama did at this time in his first term. Combine that with the fact that none, zero of the twenty something democratic candidates for president are really resonating with a large enough portion of the general electorate to beat President Trump in 2020. They only poll well in the far left niche groups which were the same polling base that were ineffective predictors in 2016. The democrats need some breathing room to allow their campaigns to get their sea legs. In the mean time they need to do something to get people's eyes off of the current line of losing, flawed and too far left candidates and their losing messages. So a two-fer. A distraction that gives cover for past and now revealed foul play and as importantly cover for the current slow moving, hope fading campaigns.

Three: Now this is the real genius. Impeachment trial balloon. Impeachment Inquiry? That's a very heavy trial balloon that will use up an enormous amount of hot air to float.
So the democrats and their media handlers are hoping to keep the focus on the smoke and mirror. While the real world going on beneath the smoke and behind the mirror continues to get ignored.

We are the home of Smarter.

Recognize their music. Don't dance to it. 

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